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Electro-Acupressure Massage

  • 1 hour
  • 75 US dollars
  • Clients Barn, Event Location, or Stoney Brook Stables

Service Description

Equine Electro-Acupressure and Equine Electro-Muscle Massage are hybrid equine bodywork modalities that combine modern science and technology with ancient knowledge of massage, energy meridians, and acupoints. The net effect is a fast, effective method of getting a horse out of muscular pain and maximizing performance. Equine Electro-Acupressure works by providing a mild electrical current to specific points on the horse’s muscles to promote circulation, invigorate muscles, and relieve pain without the use of drugs, surgery, or invasive procedures. It is the ultimate “disruptive technology” — disrupting the cycle of muscular pain abruptly. Equine Electro-Acupressure can: Provide fast, effective muscular pain relief Relieve tension and pain Invigorate muscles Increase motion and function Reduce inflammation Stimulate acupoints and meridians Maximize equine performance without drugs, injections, or surgery Note: Despite the many benefits of equine massage, the practice is not recommended as a substitute for veterinary care.

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