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Kinesiology Taping

  • 30 minutes
  • $25 to $50
  • Client's Barn, Event Location, or Stoney Brook Stables

Service Description

To complement a massage, manual lymph drainage, craniosacral massage, or as a stand alone service. Benefits of kinesiology taping: Decompresses the tissue thereby enabling increased blood flow and oxygenation, which promotes and facilitates healing Decreases muscle spams, tension, soreness, and trigger points Helps relax overused muscles Decreases edema and swelling Provides support to tendons, ligaments, and joints Helps to improve muscle and joint mechanics Tissue decompression helps provide pain relief by decreasing the pressure on the skin’s pain receptors and how the receptors respond to messages from the brain Can be used in a preventative manner for horses that have weaknesses or are prone to injuries Can help horses recover faster in athletic training situations Call or e-mail to schedule your service. $25 when performed in addition to another service $50 when performed as a stand-alone service Note: Despite the many benefits of kinesiology taping, the practice is not recommended as a substitute for veterinary care.

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