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Post-Event Massage

Relieves muscle pain and stiffness following an event or activity

  • 30 minutes
  • 50 US dollars
  • Client's Barn, Event Location, or Stoney Brook Stables

Service Description

At the end of a busy day of dressage, hunter, jumper, eventing, endurance, polo, western performance, harness, trail riding, etc., your horse gets cooled down, hosed off, hand walked, and turned out to pasture or tucked into their stall with plenty of feed and water. The post-event massage can decrease recuperation time, reduce the possibility of muscle spasm, and post-exercise soreness. During exercise, when the muscles are working hard, metabolic wastes and lactic acid build up within the tissues. This is the major cause of muscle fatigue and soreness. A post-event massage can increase venous and lymphatic circulation, reducing the buildup of these waste products. This results in less pain and congestion, leaving your horse ready for the next day of activity just as physically prepared as he was on the first day. • Applied when the horse has cooled down, it helps reduce muscle spasms and metabolic build-up. • Focuses on muscle, tendon, and ligament manipulation. • Aids in relaxation and mental calmness. • The soft tissues are manipulated to stimulate blood and lymph supply to aid the removal of toxins and aid repair to damaged tissues and muscles. • Endorphins are released to aid relaxation, which also act as a natural painkiller. • Stress points/spasms are released to enable muscle fibers to relax, encourage suppleness, and repair if necessary. Travel fee of 55 cents per mile for distances over 45 miles. Travel fee may be waived if multiple horses at the same location are receiving services on the same day. Group rate available! Call or e-mail to schedule your service. Note: Despite the many benefits of equine massage, the practice is not recommended as a substitute for veterinary care.

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